Are you not seeing the results that you want to see? Do you feel like you are eating right, sleeping right, never missing a workout, and still you can’t seem to get the results you are working so hard to achieve?

Well, there’s a big chance that your lack of results is because of a lack of progressive overload.

The human body has an amazing ability to adapt, but only when its required.
Your body’s only task is to keep you alive and functioning as good as possible, your body does not care that you want to be 200lbs and shredded unless that is a requirement for survival and functional reasons. When you train regularly and put a lot of stress on your muscles, your body adapts to this because adabtion is required  to function properly in your daily life.

What is progressive overload?

As mentioned, your body adapts in order to function. So if you do the same amount of workload every time you work out, your body will come to a point where it no longer needs to get bigger or stronger, because it’s perfectly capable of handling the stress you are putting it trough.
This is where progressive overload comes in to play. Progressive overload means that you are progressively overloading your muscles with more work over time, by increasing the the amount of repetitions or weight that you are lifting.

By increasing the workload over time you are forcing your body to build bigger and stronger muscles in order to keep up with the increased workload.

What to do when you can’t increase the weight anymore?

The most obvious way to progressively overload is to increase the weight you are lifting and that is absolutely a effective way, but at some point you are not going to be able to increase the weight every single workout anymore, this is when you need to look at some of the other ways of increasing the workload.
You can use the same weight or even lower the weight, and increase the amount of reps and sets you are doing for a couple of weeks, then you can try to increase the weight again. Patience really is key, even if that sounds like a cliché.

It’s important to realize that even tough you want to lift heavier than before you need to make sure you are able to lift the heavier weight with proper technique and form.
So if you try increasing the weight and notice that your form is flawing, the best thing to do is to increase the workload in a different way for a few weeks before going back to the heavier weight.

A few ways to progressively overload your muscles

  • Lift a heavier weight then last workout for the same amount of reps.
  • Lift the same weight as last workout for a higher amount of reps.
  • Lift the same weight for the same amount of reps, but add one set.
  • Lift the same weight for the same amount of reps, but with better form and focus on the muscle you are working.

-Lift the same weight and same amount of reps with a shorter rest period and slower reps.

Thank you for reading!

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