One thing that beginners often want to know is how fast they can expect to build muscle.
We all want to look like the heroes and the gods in the movies, but how long will it actually take to get there?

How fast can I expect to build muscle?

Well, under OPTIMAL conditions you can expect to build somewhere between 1-2 pounds(0,5-1kg) of muscle per month, depending on your genetics.
There will always be a small amount of genetic freaks out there who are able to build more.

Optimal conditions means that you are eating, training, sleeping and supplementing 100% right, 100% of the time, and this is not sustainable for most people, so realistically you should aim for around one pound a month. You would still have to work hard and eat properly though.

Beginner gains

With that said, as a beginner you can maybe expect a little bit of a boost in your strength in the beginning, where you are able to increase the weight on the bars every single week.
How rapid and how long this lasts, depends on your starting point and of course your genetics.
If you are already pretty out of shape, a little skinny and have little to no muscle definition, you might get a taste of those famous ”beginner gains”.
A lot of people think that beginner gains means that you are building a lot of muscle, but the truth is that most of your strength gain in the beginning comes form your nervous system becoming more adapt to your new training and movements.

This might not the answer you were looking for, but don’t be discouraged just because it takes time.
I want you to think about where you could be in two years and how you could look in two years. The time will pass by no matter what, you can’t choose that.
What you can choose though, is how you spend that time.
If you start today you are going to look better and better every step of the way. You might not reach your goal in two or three moths, but you are going to look better than you are now.

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