You can read part 1 here.


It’s been 20 days and 20 cold showers since we started the challenge and I think it’s time to look at the results we’ve had so far.


Starting to take cold showers every day wasn’t exactly comfortable. In the start I would try to avoid the water as much as possible, but after day 3 I would shower normally with the shower on the coldest setting. So in other words, you get used to it quickly.


As for the benefits I’ve noticed a few but some of them hasn’t lived up to the promised results. The most noticeable this far has been how my skin cleared up, I don’t have any acne now. Now the cold showers are the only big change I’ve made recently but it’s worth mentioning that I also drink more water than before and I’m trying out a new face wash.


When it comes to decision making and willpower I notice a little improvement, nothing dramatic but still some improvement. This one can also be influenced by other factors like starting and running this site, or researching topics like motivation and habits.


One thing that is 100% true is that a cold shower is great for waking up, and the boost can last a few hours. I did however not feel an energy boost throughout the entire day as some other people describe. Another good thing is that it actually does help you sleep.


As for our other expectations like reduced stress and better immune system we can’t really measure any results within just a few weeks without being tested by a professional.
All I can say for now is that the cold showers might just deliver on most of the expectations. For a full review and conclusion of this challenge, check the monthly challenges page at the end of this month.

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  1. (No subject)

    Sparky LaBine
    Mon 2017-02-20 10:16 AM
    Sparky LaBine (;
    I’ve been doing these for almost a year on a fairly consistent basis. While I do agree most of the claims are indeed over-hyped, the actual benefits are totally worth it.

    For me, I found the mental components to be the most beneficial. I crave the adrenaline rush and it’s a fantastic way of psyching myself up for the day.

    Interestingly enough, I also sometimes take them for the opposite effect. After games and intense training sessions, the cold water soothes the muscles and calms the mind down so that I can get a deep sleep with ease.

    There is definitely something to be said about forcing your body to adapt to sudden environment changes and having the mental endurance to endure them.

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    1. I totally agree with you, there’s definetly something to forcing your body to adapt that I like about this. I’m looking forward to continue the challenge to see if I’ll notice more results mentally.


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