Cold shower challenge

First up in the series of monthly challenges is cold showers!
For one month we are going to take all our showers in cold water to personally test and experience the pros and cons of doing so.

Some of the things we are expecting to experience.

  • More energy. Due to increased heart rate and increased oxygen intake.
  • Better skin and hair. Because cold water is less damaging and doesn’t dry out the skins natural oils. Better blood circulation might also help.
  • Increased immunity. Cold showers increase the amount of white bloodcells.
  • Better sleep. We’ll explain why in the next article in this series if we find any sciense that backs this up.
  • Quicker restitution after hard training sessions.
  • Reduced stress. This is because the showers reduce the levels of uric acid and increase levels of glutathione in your blood.
  • Improved willpower. Willpower can be trained and cold showers are great for doing that.

Halfway through the month we will be posting a update to let you know how it’s going and if we notice any of the benefits we are hoping to, and at the end of the month we will be posting a full review of our cold shower experience.


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