Many people believe that bulking up means you can stuff your face with all kinds of shitty food just to put on weight, but this approach is just plain dumb.
It’s unhealthy for your body and you will end up putting on more fat than necessary, witch means you are going to have to be on a cut for longer than necessary.
And when you are cutting for longer periods at the time you risk loosing some of the muscle you have been working so hard to build.

In this post I will share some tips on how to have a successful bulk, by successful I mean that you will be healthier, leaner and both look and feel better throughout the whole bulk.

1. Start out lean.
If you start your bulk at 15 percent body fat you wight very well end up at 20-25 percent body fat at the end of the bulk, and that’s going to be a pain in the ass go get rid of.
If you get down to around 9-10 percent body fat before you start your bulk you can bulk for longer and stay healthier. You will also have better results when it comes to building muscle because when you are lean your hormone levels are more balanced.

2. Nutrition.
You don’t want to go on any kind of ”see food” diet where you just eat anything that catches your eye. When you’re on a cut you are probably eating healthy foods to keep you satisfied, keep eating the same kind of foods when your on a bulk, just eat more of it.

3. Be patient.
Don’t just try to gain as much weight as humanly possible, you can only put on a limited amount of muscle per month.
This means that any weight additional to that is going to be fat. Start in a low surplus of about 200 calories and adjust them week by week until your weight gain is about two pounds per month.
Click here  to read more about how much muscle you can put on during your bulk.

4. Get stronger.
Bulking season is the time for PR’s, so make sure you’re tracking your compound lifts. Keeping track of your compound lifts will help you progressively overload over time, and your main focus should be to get stronger. If you get stronger you will get bigger.

5. Mini cuts.
By strategically interpreting mini cuts into your bulking period you are going to be able to bulk for a longer time without putting on too much fat. Click here to read more about mini cuts.

If you take all these tips to heart you will feel better about yourself throughout the whole bulking period instead of feeling fat and bloated at the end.
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