As a young guy in my early 20’s I don’t want to be too restricted when it comes to enjoying life and having fun.
I wanna be able to be social, go out drinking with friends or even just go to a restaurant without worrying too much about my diet.
In an earlier post I explained how flexible dieting works and how you can fit your favorite foods into your nutrition plan and still get great results in the gym.
In this post I’m going to explain how to approach alcohol.
It actually is possible to drink alcohol and have a good time without messing up your progress or results too much, you just have to find a balance and take a few precautions.

Of course, this is not optimal compared to a 100% clean diet, but the fact is that if you can find a lifestyle that you enjoy and are able to sustain in the long run, you are more likely to actually stick to it long enough to reach your fitness goals.

What precautions I take when I plan to drink alcohol

The first thing I to do is to cut out some calories earlier in the day to make room for the calories I get from alcohol. So I cut back on carbs and fats, and focus on reaching my protein goal throughout the day.
Another thing I do is that I try to get in at least 20-30 minutes of cardio the same day, just to make a little more room to have fun with my calories.

Next you need to look at what you are drinking. If you drink a lot of beer and other sugary drinks, it’s very easy to go over your calorie limit, so I would recommend you to avoid those as best as possible.
Personally I usually start with one or two beers and then get the rest of my alcohol from drinks I make myself. I usually use vodka and some kind of sugar free soda. This way all the calories I consume come from alcohol instead of sugar, and I am able to have more drinks without extending my calorie limit.

I also make it a point to hit the gym the day after drinking, just to make sure that one day of drinking doesn’t affect my training and progress more than necessary.

Avoid sugary beverages.
– Cut back on calories earlier in the day, mostly carbs and a little bit of fat.
– Do some extra cardio.
– Make sure you get back into training and eating properly as asap.

If you take these precautions you should be able to enjoy a night out once in a while without slowing down your progress too much.

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  1. Because of how calorific most drinks are (esp. wine & beer), the rare times ma’habocath does (almost always for the buzz, the warm fuzzies) this one sticks to straight hard liquor because it’s only at most 400 calories of vodka or rum to take ma’hab to his happy place vs. anywhere from 1000 to 3000 of wine or beer. That, and every wine and beer ma’hab has tried tastes too foul to enjoy — this one couldn’t afford the “good stuff”.

  2. Always the big challenge for me. trying to maintain a social life, have a few drinks with friends but also lose weight and stay in shape. Interesting stuff!!


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