10 Week Nutrition Coaching


With this package we will help you set up a nutrition plan based on your current status and future goals.

You will get a specific set of macronutrients(protein, carbohydrates and fat) which you can reach however you want.
You will not get  a specific meal plan or strict diet, but we can of course help you set that up if wanted.

You will need to track your food intake with a scale and a food diary in order to get results. If you want we can suggest apps and other tools you can use to make it as easy for you as possible.

If at the end of these ten weeks you want more help and guidance you can renew your coaching package with a $75 discount.

What you get with this package is:
– A set of macronutrients for you to reach on a daily basis.
– Access to an e-mail where you can send in any questions and we will answer on a daily basis.
– If wanted we will provide you with an example meal plan for you to use as a template.
– suggested tools and apps to use in order to make your food tracking simple and effortless.

You’ll receive your product by email(download link)