Today I’m starting my cut for the summer, and I’m really exited.
Throughout this cut I will post updates and take you trough different things I’m doing and why I’m doing them, starting with today.

So this morning I woke up, got on the scale, and I was weighing in at 177,2 lbs (80,4 kg), so that’s my starting point.
During the next 6-10 weeks, the time depends on how it goes, I’m aiming to loose around 12 lbs (5,5 kg) before going into a small surplus again.
This cut I am not trying to get super shredded, I’m just aiming for ”beach lean”,
because I want to get back into a lean bulk as soon as possible, so I don’t see the point of taking it to the extreme this year.

Since I’m starting my cut today I’m also going back to intermittent fasting on a daily basis, witch mean I’m not consuming any calories the first 5-7 hours after I wake up.
I do this because I find it a lot easier to stick to my diet plan and not to over eat.
You can read more about intermittent fasting here.

The first thing I did after weighing myself was to set up my macros, planning is very important in order to have a successful cut.
The macros I have set up today will not be permanent, I will try them out for about 1 week and then make changes if I see it necessary.

Also you need to remember that these macros might not work for you since they are set up specifically for my body and needs.

My starting macros for this cut is:

Protein – 200 grams
Carbs – 400 grams
Fat – 65 grams

This will put me at around 3000 calories a day for the first week, and after that I will start slowly cutting carbs depending on my weigh in’s.
As long as the weight is going down I won’t need to decrease my calories.


I will also be adding more and more cardio into my training, starting with 15-20 minutes 3 times a week and increasing as I get deeper into my cut.
I think cardio is very helpful during a cut simply because it allows me to eat more, and therefore be able to diet for longer without messing up. Plus the fact that it’s healthy, so that’s a bonus as well.


The first 3-4 weeks I will not make changes to my training other than adding cardio
I will still focus on heavy lifts and aim for some PR’s.
It is still possible to make some strength and muscle gains in the beginning of the cut since the calorie deficit is very small at this point.
When I’m no longer able to increase my strength I might make some changes in my training and focus on maintaining as much of my strength as possible, but I will make a post about that when the time comes.

So that’s my plan for my cut this far, and I will go more in depth of different topics like cardio, macros and training along the way, but its too much to explain everything in one single post so I will make them separately.

Thank you for reading! Please follow to stay updated throughout my cut and learn more!


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