Its frustrating, you are putting in so much time and effort but you still can’t seem to get rid of those extra pounds. You have tried every diet out there, but nothing is working. If this is the case for you, you have come to the right place.
Here are some common reasons why people don’t lose weight.

1. Not counting calories
Depending on your starting point, counting calories might be the only way you are able to get in the right amount of energy.
If you are very overweight, this might not be as necessary yet, since small changes like cutting out a meal or go for a extra walk a day might be enough for you to see a difference.
But if your already pretty lean or only have a little extra body fat, counting calories is the absolute best way to make sure you are in a deficit.

2. Not weighing your food
If your counting calories, but you are not weighing your food, there’s a very big chance you are counting wrong.
By weighing your food for a while, maybe 2-3 months, you learn how much calories different foods contain. After a while of doing that you will be able to guesstimate circa how much you can eat of each type of food, and still hit your calorie target.

3. Not eating enough
Some people are so determent to lose weight that they forget all about staying healthy, and by starving yourself you are making weight loss harder.
First of all, when your body does not get energy, it starts slowing down the processes that needs energy, and without realizing it you are going to move less, witch means that you burn less calories.

4. Your not doing cardio
Its easy to just forget about cardio if you don’t enjoy it, and just think that your calorie restriction will take care of the weight loss. But cardio training is the absolute best way to burn calories, witch means you can eat more and you will more likely stick to your diet.
And if you don’t like running there is always a alternative, try swimming, biking or even just go for a walk in the nature.

5. You’re not counting liquid calories
Not everyone realizes that beverages contain a lot calories as well.
It doesn’t feel like your consuming a whole meal when you drink a bottle of soda, but with the same amount of calories you could actually have dinner.
So if you are big on sugary beverages you might be in a deficit just by cutting those out of your diet.

6. Going wild on ”cheat day”
I’m all for cheating once in a while to get a little mental relief, but don’t take it too far.
If you have been in a calorie deficit of around 500 calories a day for one week, that would mean you have burned off 3500 calories when it’s time for your cheat day.
3500 calories is not that much if you don’t watch what you’re eating, just by having a decent chocolate bar, a bag of crisps and a soda you are taking back all those calories you have spent a week burning off.
I personally do something I call a ”controlled cheat day”, where I allow myself to eat a little extra and replace some of my ”boring carbs” with ”fun carbs”.
I always make sure that on my cheat day I don’t extend my maintenance calories, witch means that on my cheat day I don’t lose any weight, but there’s no energy to store as fat neither.

7. Your diet is not sustainable
When you start on a ”diet” you have to make sure it’s something you will be able to stick to long term, if you are not enjoying it, you will not continue doing it.
When you’re on a crazy diet where you are not allowed to eat any of the foods you like, you are going to mess up at some point.
This leads to binge eating and mental stress.
Learn more about how to enjoy your favorite foods while getting in shape here.

8.Your not sleeping enough
Proper sleep is crucial for optimal hormone balance.
Hormone normalization makes it easier to lose weight since hormones like Leptin and Gherlin regulates fat storage and hunger signals.

9. You’re not drinking enough water
Staying hydrated has many benefits both in terms of health and weight loss.
Drinking water before a meal will help you not to over eat, but that’s not the only thing.
When you’re dehydrated, your kidneys can’t work properly, so the body needs the liver for support, and when your liver is working too hard more fat gets stored instead of burned off.

10. You are fooling yourself
This might just be the most common reason why people are not losing weight.
This is also why calorie counting and weighing your food is so important, because your mind can’t argue with the scale.
Don’t tell yourself that a little sauce or dressing cant hurt, or that this one little peace of chocolate is harmless. When you do that often enough, it adds up to a lot.

11. Water weight

Depending on different factors like what we eat and how much we stress, our body can store a lot of water, so if the scale goes a little bit up one day, you might still have lost fat, just put on some water.

Hope some of this was helpful to you, maybe you even realized why you’re not losing weight? Anyway, check out my post ”11 tips to help you burn fat” if you want to read some more about weight loss.
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  1. Very good points and starving yourself is definitely a very common mistake! Plus, if you starve yourself you are more likely to gain all the weight back, as you get to a point where you just can’t handle the lack of food anymore and indulge in anything you have to hand.

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