If I had the knowledge I have now when I just got started with fitness, it would have saved me a lot of time, anger and frustration.

When you’re just getting started with fitness there’s a lot you need to learn and it doesn’t happen over night, it takes months and even years to get to a point where you really know what you are doing.
I’m still learning new things every day, and just like most people out there, I have made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot if time because of misleading information.
Today I’m going to share some common mistakes that people often make when they get into fitness, so that you can avoid them and not waste as much time.

1. More weight doesn’t mean more growth
This is the first thing I’m addressing because it’s probably the most common mistake beginners make in the gym.
It is important to lift more and more weight over time in order to achieve progressive overload, but make sure you are doing it right.
If you lift more weight than you can handle, you wont be able to hit the muscle you are trying to work.
Lets say you are doing bench presses and you throw on those big plates to look like a big shot. You might be able to lift the weight, but your body will automatically start using other muscles since your chest alone wont be able handle the weight.
Not to mention the possibility of injury.
There’s a reason why different exercises have specific techniques, you don’t want to end up snapping your spine just because you wanted to dead lift more than the next guy.

2. Following training protocols form fitness magazines
You see these perfect physiques in fitness magazines, they tell you that if you follow their program and use their supplements you will look the same. The problem with this is that they forget to mention a few things.
Most of these people use steroids.
If you are not using steroids you need to take a different approach to both training and nutrition.
Another thing you need to realize is that they only look like that when they have a photo shoot, walking around with extremely low body fat is very unhealthy and it’s not sustainable.

3. Not having a plan
Everyone who goes to the gym has a vision in their head of how they want to look, but they don’t always have a plan on how to get there.
Walking around the gym and doing random sets of random exercises won’t do you much good, and you see this with most beginners.
Its important have a structured program and track your workouts in order to properly achieve progressive overload.

4. Only training the ”mirror muscles”
It’s easy to focus on the muscles you can see in the mirror and forget about the muscles that you can’t see yourself.
The problem with this is that you wont be able to progress properly since most exercises needs secondary muscles for support, for example if your back is not strong enough you wont be able to optimally train your squats.
Another problem is that you get bad proportions and long term injuries, if you build up your your chest while neglecting your backside, your chest will become dominant and pull your shoulders forward, witch leads to bad posture and back/neck problems.

5. Skipping leg day
For some reason I can’t understand a lot of people tend to neglect their legs in the gym, but this can have a lot of negative effects on the rest of your training.
First of all it looks weird if you walk around with a well developed upper body compared to your lower body.
In edition to that you are missing out on multiple benefits like better balance, a more functional body and higher testosterone levels.
Leg training is also very effective when it comes to burning calories since you are working big muscle groups.

6. Not watching their nutrition
Proper nutrition is absolutely crucial in order to get results.
It doesn’t matter how hard or much you train if you are not eating properly, your body needs healthy food in the right amounts in order to provide you with the results you want.

7. Not focusing on compound movements
A lot of beginners in the gym are focusing way too much on isolating smaller muscles like biceps and triceps.
If you want to build a strong, healthy and bigger body, you need to focus on compound lifts first.
Compound movements requires you to work big muscle groups and builds up your overall strength.
Always start of your workout with compound lifts and then end it with isolation exercises for the smaller muscles.

8. Blindly trusting others
When you start training you will find that a lot of people have opinions and a lot of people are going to tell you whats right.
Don’t just take anyone’s word for it, including my word.
Do your own research, look at the science behind the topic and form your own opinion based on that science.

9. To much focus on supplements
There’s no legal supplement that is going to give you amazing result without putting in hard work. Before you even consider any supplementation, make sure both your training and nutrition is on point.
Read more about supplements here.

10. Neglecting restitution
Its very important to let your muscle rest between workouts, don’t work the muscles two days in a row. The process of protein synthesis takes around 48 hours, with means your muscles needs that time to build back up.
It’s also very important to get enough sleep, its when you’re sleeping your body does most of it’s healing.

Now you hopefully have an idea of some things to avoid when you start working out, and I am personally guilty of most of these mistakes.

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